Team Collaboration

Teams are the basic building blocks for organisational performance yet often the rivalry and competition between teams can create disruption. Rather than seeing the interconnection within the system individual teams create win-lose environments.

This program builds collaboration and the types of interdependencies needed to make it work. A key part is to deepen communication skills, create shared understanding and develop feedback skills between teams.

Program Details:


This is by design a uniquely crafted program for inter-team environments. Some of the outcomes include:

  • A deeper shared understanding of individual and team expertise, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • A clearer understanding of inter-team dependencies
  • Development of strategies and skills to successfully work together
  • Development of strategies and actions to improve individual and shared team performance
  • Development of team and inter-team communication skills

Program Dates

Dates are negotiated to best meet your organisational situation

How we can work with you

  • Leadership

    Grow leaders who understand, engage & inspire people.

  • Teamwork

    Build high performance teams that are great places to work.

  • Sustainable Change

    Create an adaptive people-centred change ready culture.

  • Vision & Strategy

    Facilitating shared understanding for a preferred future.