Growing Team Performance

Our team development work over the past 30 years has identified that for teams to excel they must have a;

  • Shared PURPOSE,
  • Clear PERMORMANCE objectives,
  • PROCESSES for decision-making, and most importantly,
  • PEOPLE working within relationships built on trust and respect.

Growing Team Performance addresses these four key team areas. Experiential modules in the program help challenge teams to deal with real life issues and problems, and then to reflect and learn from the team’s performance in meeting those tasks. Another key component is the establishment of measurable performance indicators for team improvement and the design and implementation of actions to meet those goals.

A key aim of the program is to help you build a team that has speed, resilience, passion, productivity and precision.

Program Details:

Who is this program for

Growing Team Performance is designed for functional or forming work teams, project teams and other groups that need to achieve high levels of performance.

Recommended Format

A two-day residential workshop followed  a month later by a half-day workshop to support and reinforce learning  and workplace actions.

Program Dates

Dates are designed to best suit your specific timing and needs

How we can work with you

  • Leadership

    Grow leaders who understand, engage & inspire people.

  • Teamwork

    Build high performance teams that are great places to work.

  • Sustainable Change

    Create an adaptive people-centred change ready culture.

  • Vision & Strategy

    Facilitating shared understanding for a preferred future.