We bring passion and purpose combined with the right mix of values, skills and experience.

Our Values

Work hard

We have a commitment to getting the job done, integrity in what we promise & deliver, and working with intensity. Focus is in, workaholics are out.

Think deep

We explore the boundary between the known & the unknown — there are no sacred cows.

Love true

We unearth the good & true in everybody, without judgement, & encourage each individual to contribute, and to relate to others.

Laugh loud

We seek to maintain a balance between work & play, & treasure the life & liveliness in every situation.

Learn fast

Life is too short to repeat mistakes — we are motivated to be mindful, to learn & develop our skills


Nature is a tapestry of delightfully diverse creatures interacting to produce a collective experience that is far greater than the sum of its parts. Let’s do that too!

Our team

Steve Colman

Founder and Facilitator

Steve works at the intersection of social, business and natural environments. From his first business venture in 1977 founding a wilderness guiding and expedition company he learnt the importance and the skills needed to lead teams, collaborate and work together.

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Mark Spain

Senior Partner and Facilitator

Mark works and plays with leaders and teams on the forward edge of personal and system innovation. The complex system problems of the 21st century can not be solved with old ways of thinking.

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Global Learning

Creating high-trust, high-performance workplaces

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