Meeting Facilitation

Run powerful, productive conversations

Our imeetglobal collaborative technology and a human-centred focus has redesigned the process and outcomes of meetings. Rather than a parade of  keynote presentations to a passive audience we design meetings that actively engage all participants in a ‘whole group’ conversation.

Using high-speed connectivity contributions from participants  are captured and  shared and worked with in real time, helping generate ideas, shared understanding and better decision making. Productive work actually gets done in the meeting!

We have run hundreds of these meetings, from 6 people to 600. From same time same place, to all around the world.

Check out these  meeting case studies.

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How does imeetglobal work?

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Documenting a small group conversation that becomes visible to the whole group

Meeting Feedback

“It is the first time I have experienced ..iMEET!.. and I was very impressed with the amount of information that could be shared and presented in a brief period of time and the high level of participation it provided. I guess it was the immediacy that was so powerful.”

We achieved in three days what would have taken us three months”

“Fantastic! The immediate feedback and access to other groups’ responses meant the recording could keep up the pace with the conversation”

“Getting direct and speedy feedback on the groups’ input was very effective and resulted in a time- efficient exercise”

“The process…was really energising… and it illustrated for me the effect IT can have on thinking processes in a small group”

“The iMEET! experience… valued all the thinking in the room and directed the discussion and input/output.”

“The iMEET! process… demonstrated the power of technology and its place in moving the agenda forward with good use of time”

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