Vision & Strategy

The Challenge: Change or Fail!

A global finance company needed a program to design and facilitate a major strategic change program for their top 250 executives. The key message: change or fail! With this compelling brief Global Learning designed a program to engage these leaders in the change, and then roll out the program to 3000 staff throughout Australia and NZ.

The Process

Strongly led by a new CEO, the focus was on seven key strategic goals- called K7. Using a metaphor, based on mountaineering, an experiential exercise was designed, requiring leadership teams to ascend a simulated glacier. Real time iMEET! web-based technology was used to provide real-time feedback and shape the process. The program was rated by senior managers as the most successful in the organisation’s 23 years’ history in Australia. It was also awarded Best Staff Communications Program by the Public Relations Institute (Victoria).

Plenary sessions followed by small group work utilising the iMEETglobal platform


The end result of the change program – a strong long term increase in the share price and a major growth in funds under management.

The Challenge: International Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

This four-day event held in Sydney with 120 delegates brought together world experts on the provision of support for civilians in war and disaster zones. Delegates included civil-military experts from eighteen countries around the world – including Pakistan, the United States of America, Afghanistan and Indonesia – the United Nations, the Australian Government and non-governmental organisations.  A key element in the design process was Global Learning’s iMEET process to enable realtime collaboration between all delegates. This ensured all ideas were captured, prioritised, documented and available for immediate review as needed.


The key objectives of the event were to continue progressing comprehensive, integrated approaches at both national (whole-of-government) and international (whole-of-system) levels. The intention being to highlight the current trends shaping civil-military practice and discuss future needs to avert, mitigate and respond to conflicts and disasters.

The Approach

As a high stakes event the design phase was both rigorous and collaborative. Global Learning worked closely with the key stakeholders to develop a four day program agenda, test the process with key stakeholders via a trial interactive iMEET! session, refine the program and develop a final conference agenda.
To support the event a team of three global learning facilitators were involved both managing the larger group process, working with small table groups as needed, interacting closely with the Seminar Chair, summarising and reporting back on the small group contributions and producing a final report for editing and publication.

The Result

A key facilitation need during the actual event was the capability of the facilitators to continually evaluate the success of sessions and to adapt and modify them as required. This flexibility was a key capability to ensuring that the outcomes were optimised. A key element in the process were end of session debriefs that both reviewed the day’s performance but also agreed agendas and processes for the following sessions.



Information from Case Studies / August 16, 2017

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