Groundwork and Graphic Facilitation training in Canberra Feb 2019

I warmly invite you to join me in a world leading training that underpins the Art of Hosting practice, in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra in Feb 2019. We believe these workshops will be particularly useful for people in or working with organisations or groups where collaboration and inclusive communication are espoused but the practice falls short.

The training is experiential and gives you multiple experiences of how to build cultures of collaboration and engagement when organising your projects. I recommend doing this training together with your work colleagues and bring a current challenge to work on. Continue reading “Groundwork and Graphic Facilitation training in Canberra Feb 2019”

Sacred Leadership story telling at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

They lead transformation. Great Australian stories of leadership to open possibilities for these times. Moving from the personal practice of a mechanistic, separate, western mind to an emergent, connected, creative mind. An Australian system to create sacred eldership. Peace is your natural state.

Tjanara’s presentation [49mins] on her PhD and cultural knowledge at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on 19 June 2018. We also had a deeper conversation with the audience and a workshop on our leadership practice after lunch. This video link is available at Tjanara’s OneINMA Global website.

My friend Lina Mbirkou’s reflections on the day

Daniel Browning interviewing Tjanara on ABC RN 4 days before the event

Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness

Tjanara’s presentations on her academic publications website

Leaders in the Rice Industry

As part of an Australian Rural Leadership program  Global Learning worked with 19 emerging leaders from the Rice Industry.  Based in Deniliquin the five day residential program provided a deeply immersive journey focused on such aspects as self awareness,  collaboration, team performance, communication and feedback

A rich diversity of participants came from community, business, farming, government  and research.

Our appreciation of the wonder of rice has been enhanced dramatically!

Canberra Art of Hosting training harvest Feb 2018

What becomes possible when we learn to skilfully practice generative conversation? – Art of Hosting training harvest 26-28 Feb 2018

Our world needs generative conversations – conversations capable of producing something new and supporting its development – more than ever. In an era of increasing complexity and big challenges, many of us are looking for new ways to engage in respectful conversations that generate deep collaboration and thoughtful action.

I highly recommend Plaxy’s story [2.29mins] in the video area “What’s been most impactful?” Modelling 21st century leadership excellently with self awareness at the Canberra AoH harvest website.

Sacred Leadership

Dear Mark

In April I submitted my PhD ‘The road to Eldership: How Aboriginal culture creates sacred leaders’. In just two weeks time, on the morning of June 19th, I’ll be partnering with Talkpoint and Mark Spain of Global Learning to bring my findings and insights to Australia’s business community. At the Art Gallery NSW we will weave storytelling, art, music and dance to create an immersive experience of Sacred Leadership. I would love for you and your colleagues to join us. Continue reading “Sacred Leadership”

An Australian way to Leadership

Dear Steve

When checking in with Robyn, Maria and Tjanara, I was delighted to hear that so many women had registered for Sacred Leadership and curious as to why, so far, less men had taken the plunge.

It was my involvement as one of Talkpoint’s male facilitation team, when they gathered men to talk about gender equality with Dr. Michael Kimmel, that inspired me to introduce Tjanara Goreng Goreng to Robyn Katz. I had experienced first-hand the special quality of a Talkpoint event and knew Tjanara had an important message for Australia’s business community, and for men. Continue reading “An Australian way to Leadership”