YES for the VOICE

Through our work running leadership programs we have spent time with a lot of First Nations leaders around Australia and we know this referendum is a defining moment for them. We think it is also a defining moment for the rest of us to decide what our relationship is to our shared history and future. Let’s be proud of the choice we make!

As singer songwriter Paul Kelly asks “If not now, then when? If not us, then who?”

Regenerate Eurobodalla Leadership

24 inspiring leaders from across the Eurobodalla started their 12 month leadership journey with the first Deep Dive three-day workshops at Murramarang Resort, South Durras. With a focus on community leadership the program represents many sectors of the Eurobodalla community. A real positive for the program is the mix of first and second nation participants.

The next workshop will begin to outline a range of community focused leadership programs that can be co-designed implemented over the next 12 months.

The program is being delivered by Global Learning in partnership with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance.

Eurobodalla Leadership Program

Regenerate Eurobodalla is a fully funded 9 day leadership development program building community, business and government leadership capacity for resilience and sustainability.

Global Learning are collaborating with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation and Southcoast Health and Sustainability Alliance to offer the program.

Do you live in the Eurobodalla Shire? 

Are you interested in accessing some of the best leadership thinking and practice available, acquiring practical leadership tools and skills? Would you like to develop deep understanding and knowledge about leading change in your community? Are you looking for strong networks with like-minded people and an opportunity to work on projects that you are passionate about? Would you like to link your ideas with support and inspiration from others?

This proven and impactful leadership program has already been successfully delivered to a wide range of diverse regional communities within NSW.

Participants will find the program to be a powerful and immersive learning journey built around self-awareness, working in teams and community and taking action for the greater good.

Challenging, demanding and seriously enjoyable, the program provides a truly unique opportunity to join others in taking a lead role in your future, and the future of our community and region.

Global Learning are designing and facilitating the program.

Apply or for further information

Mark’s contribution to RJWorld eConference 22-31 August 2020

This is some of the learning insights from a research project sponsored by the NED Foundation since 2018 where Mark had conversations with over 60 restorative practitioners across Australia and internationally to explore the learning edges of their restorative practice and what insights they have in strengthening restorative practice across Australia.

The RJWorld eConference 22-31 August 2020 was hosted at

This presentation describes a continuum of restorative practice from Violence to Regeneration using 7 stages of transition. Each stage is described in terms of the behaviours observed by the people involved.
In an organisation aiming to deliver and model restorative practice the capabilities of staff are described at three different levels in the organisation: Front line staff / Supervisor / Executive leader
Using this continuum as the X axis, a matrix is demonstrated with the players in the system, of people and organisations interacting in the world, as the Y axis. These five players are:
– Client/ Community member
– Front line staff
– Supervisor
– Executive leader
– Inter-organisation dynamics
This matrix is intended to be a useful tool for practitioners to restoratively discuss the system dynamics at work to help make their restorative practice and inter-organisation collaboration more conscious and effective.

pdf of Slides RP Continuum RJ Conference 2020

Conference presentation – Restorative Practice Continuum Mark Spain Aug2020 [52mins]

How to participate
You can add your ideas here to the creative commons, open source Continuum of Restorative Practice. Please add your comments (and name, if you wish) at the end of the document to keep it easy to read for others and we will include your contributions as we revise it. You can also use and build on this work using the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence.

North West Rural Leadership

Local Land Services, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, Tamworth Regional Landcare Association and Global Learning worked together to deliver the 2019 North West Rural Leadership Program.

Here’s what participants have had to say in a 5min video on their experience of the program.

If you are interested in participating in future programs, please contact Craig Pullman (Regional Landcare Coordinator – North West) at or Global Learning