Collaborative Meetings

Global Financial: Shared Vision, Mission & Goals

As part of a major organisational change process, the top 240 managers from across Australia and New Zealand gathered to agree on a new strategic direction and define the major organisational goals. Global Learning facilitated the process using imeetglobal, enabling rapid input to discussion and shared agreement on direction and goals.

Before the event, only half of the managers felt the company had clear goals; after the event 95% could articulate its strategy and strongly support the management objectives.

United Nations Environment Program: Climate Change and Adaptability

A workshop exploring the impacts of climate change on the finance industry and future adaptive responses. It involved delegates in Europe, UK , NZ and Australia presenting and collaborating on iMEET! in real time. A smart approach to help better understand and deal with a very complex problem.

Global Technology Business: Innovation and engagement

iMEET! was used  to support the annual sales conference with 150 sales staff, and to inject a greater degree of innovation and excitement into their yearly event. The process enabled delegates the opportunity to provide feedback about a series of proposals to each speaker and to build and vote on an innovative, proposed advertising campaign.

The CEO declared the conference as very successful whilst participants identified that iMEET! allowed them to engage more effectively with the presentations, to explore and prioritise the issues raised in real time.

NGO: Staff Strategic Planning – with all 700 of them!

Bringing together 700 plus staff to collaboratively build a shared vision and a strategic plan to get you there is a daunting undertaking. However with the help of iMEET! more than 70 work teams came together over two days and crafted a strategy to take their organisation into the future. This real time process engaged and aligned staff on the key organisational objectives, goals and their role in making them happen. An engaging, powerful collaborative process not possible without the power of  iMEET!

“Inspirational”…  “I loved the way we were all listened to”…  “It has supported my confidence and ability to take on new challenges…”

How we can work with you

  • Leadership

    Grow leaders who understand, engage & inspire people.

  • Teamwork

    Build high performance teams that are great places to work.

  • Sustainable Change

    Create an adaptive people-centred change ready culture.

  • Vision & Strategy

    Facilitating shared understanding for a preferred future.