Leading Change

The principles driving change are no longer reasonable — they are chaotic. Cause and effect have been replaced by speed and complexity, so the capacity to lead and learn has become critical.

To manage change requires strengthening and supporting your current leaders, creating new leaders, and revitalising your work teams and organisational culture. This means transforming the quality and precision of communication with customers and stakeholders and becoming adaptive and responsive to client needs.

This highly interactive two-day workshop will help you understand the world of change. How it impacts individuals, teams, and organisations and what change strategies and actions are proven to work.

The workshop is a mix of experiential learning, presentation, and analysis, small group discussion and observation combined with personal stories and experience. It is practical and focused on what really works. It will improve personal performance and the ability to support and lead others through change.

The result: High-trust, high-performance workplaces.

Program Details:


A program that builds awareness, skills and knowledge to lead change

  • A thorough understanding of change and its impact on individuals, teams and organisations
  • Skills, knowledge and capabilities needed to successfully navigate change
  • Practical tactics to survive and be resourceful in the often chaotic ‘game of change’
  • An action plan to improve your ability to lead and manage change

Program Dates

This is run as both an in-house and public program. Contact us for further information.

How we can work with you

  • Leadership

    Grow leaders who understand, engage & inspire people.

  • Teamwork

    Build high performance teams that are great places to work.

  • Sustainable Change

    Create an adaptive people-centred change ready culture.

  • Vision & Strategy

    Facilitating shared understanding for a preferred future.