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In April I submitted my PhD ‘The road to Eldership: How Aboriginal culture creates sacred leaders’. In just two weeks time, on the morning of June 19th, I’ll be partnering with Talkpoint and Mark Spain of Global Learning to bring my findings and insights to Australia’s business community. At the Art Gallery NSW we will weave storytelling, art, music and dance to create an immersive experience of Sacred Leadership. I would love for you and your colleagues to join us.


My research utilises Harvard Professor of Psychology in Educational Leadership, Robert Kegan’s theories of sacred leadership and higher levels of thinking combined with the psychology of human development through our Stages of Human Psychosocial Development and includes the research of international and Australian Indigenous leadership researchers and the impacts of family dysfunction and trauma on development to higher levels of consciousness.

No other study in the Australian context has examined these topics. Included in the research is my own 30-year career as an academic researcher, transformational leadership consultant and therapist into Indigenous Eldership and Family Systems Theory, as a process of developing sacred leaders through the Indigenous knowledge systems designed and used over millennia. These processes in Aboriginal governance enables the creation of sacred and visionary Elders and heals the traumas of generational dysfunction, the same dysfunctions found in the dominant western culture.

To hear a little of the wisdom that I have drawn on listen to Uncle Bob and his explanation of Kanyini – the principle that underpins Aboriginal life.

I believe my research has a contribution sharing this new knowledge built on Indigenous wisdom to understand more deeply the teaching of Aboriginal culture into sacred leadership.

On June 19th I will demonstrate how this information can be applied to leadership development and educational programs in the workplace in a modern context in broader cultures and communities.

For more information about this event visit:

And if you know others that might be interested please share this invitation with them.

Palya! (thanks)

Tjanara Goreng Goreng | Adjunct Asst.Professor, ANU
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Information from News / June 6, 2018

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