Sacred Leadership story telling at the Art Gallery of New South Wales

They lead transformation. Great Australian stories of leadership to open possibilities for these times. Moving from the personal practice of a mechanistic, separate, western mind to an emergent, connected, creative mind. An Australian system to create sacred eldership. Peace is your natural state.

Tjanara’s presentation [49mins] on her PhD and cultural knowledge at the Art Gallery of New South Wales on 19 June 2018. We also had a deeper conversation with the audience and a workshop on our leadership practice after lunch. This video link is available at Tjanara’s OneINMA Global website.

My friend Lina Mbirkou’s reflections on the day

Daniel Browning interviewing Tjanara on ABC RN 4 days before the event

Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness

Tjanara’s presentations on her academic publications website

Information from News / June 23, 2018

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