A flagship leadership program

The challenge: Creating a leadership culture in a big organisation

A key Government agency selected Global Learning to design and deliver a flagship leadership program. The success of  pilot programs ensured a long term commitment to delivering the program to more than 650 staff across the whole organisation.

The process

By combining a blend of interactive online elements with 5 days of residential workshops participants were immersed in a highly experiential, deeply engaging, work relevant program. Through the design and use of intensive simulations of personal and workplace challenges, critical team performance and and leadership capabilities were explored and developed. Workplace leadership projects were underpinned with best practice research and content to build a performance focused culture.

Another key outcome was building a network of leaders and senior mentors that developed deep connections and trust across the organisation.

The results

Thirty programs were delivered to staff from across Australia over a multi-year period. The program delivered key strategic organisational outcomes:

  • 93% of participants reported that the program enabled them to take on more productive workplace leadership roles
  • 100% of participants believed the program provided long-term benefits to them as leaders
  • Stronger leadership activity was observed by 87% of external observers, including supervisors, of which 90% saw beneficial results in the workplace.
  • A long waiting list of participants became a significant indicator of program success.
Information from Case Studies / August 15, 2017

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