Groundwork and Graphic Facilitation training in Canberra Feb 2019

I warmly invite you to join me in a world leading training that underpins the Art of Hosting practice, in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra in Feb 2019. We believe these workshops will be particularly useful for people in or working with organisations or groups where collaboration and inclusive communication are espoused but the practice falls short.

The training is experiential and gives you multiple experiences of how to build cultures of collaboration and engagement when organising your projects. I recommend doing this training together with your work colleagues and bring a current challenge to work on.

  • Graphic Facilitation with Anne Madsen on 4-5 February 2019 at the Centre for Christianity and Culture, Blackhall St, Barton ACT.
    • Graphic facilitation is a powerful way to engage groups in all contexts to support shared understanding and inclusive learning.
    • This workshop is not just for visual practitioners – it will show you how to bring visuals into your work with others, whether in a school, boardroom, community project, or multi-stakeholder initiative.
    • Anne is a KaosPilot graduate and Art of Hosting practitioner from Denmark, and her workshop style is engaging, powerful, enjoyable and useful!

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  • Ground Work with James Ede on 6-8 February 2019 at the Centre for Christianity and Culture, Blackhall St, Barton ACT.
    • Groundwork, co-founded by James, is both a personal and collective practice for strengthening collaboration. It provides a framework for individuals and teams interested in working more with process, participation and engagement.
    • We suggest people bring a project that can be used as a focus for practice – but you do not have to – and we encourage already formed teams to attend together.
    • James is from Canberra and is based in Denmark. He works internationally in the fields of leadership, learning, communication and collaboration and has earned a reputation for helping people build a solid foundation for powerful collaboration.

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For more information please contact Mel Geltch,, 0400 412 498, who is holding this space for answering questions in both Brisbane and Canberra. Mel is both a skilled Art of Hosting practitioner and has practical experience with the Groundwork approach, as it used as the organising business framework for the successful operation of the Campfire Co-op.

My learning has shown me that these are the best tools, skills and processes humans have created for engaging diverse people in complex projects that require collective action with energy and commitment. We face these challenges regularly in and between business, community and government in the 21st century. I now use these tools and processes in my tough situations where we all need to collaborate to co-create projects that break through stuckness.

Please feel free to pass this on to friends and colleagues who may be interested.


Mark Spain, Peter Elliott, Lyn Stephens
(Canberra hosting team)

Information from News / January 8, 2019

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