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Dear Steve

When checking in with Robyn, Maria and Tjanara, I was delighted to hear that so many women had registered for Sacred Leadership and curious as to why, so far, less men had taken the plunge.

It was my involvement as one of Talkpoint’s male facilitation team, when they gathered men to talk about gender equality with Dr. Michael Kimmel, that inspired me to introduce Tjanara Goreng Goreng to Robyn Katz. I had experienced first-hand the special quality of a Talkpoint event and knew Tjanara had an important message for Australia’s business community, and for men.

Leadership and stewardship of Australian corporations, organisations and government agencies require a deep integration of self-awareness and system awareness in times when old patterns and solutions no longer work. We need to build our capacity to stay awake to what’s inside of us, our family, our team, our organisation, nature and the universe.

Can we re-member how to reconnect to that which sustains us when we get thrown off centre or triggered when life gets demanding with complexity and ethical dilemmas? How do we stay awake to our human qualities to honour, respect and love ourselves, each other and the planet?

These questions, and this leadership work, is important for men in Australian organisations. Now more than ever we need to relearn how to operate in multiple, complex creative systems. We need to cultivate our emergent mind to balance our mechanical mind. We are invited to step up into our leadership potential and to integrate and to bring balance to the masculine and feminine energies in ourselves, each other and nature to do our good uniquely Australian leadership work with purpose and meaning.

I would like to invite you and your colleagues to Sacred Leadership at the Art Gallery of NSW in Sydney on the morning of June 19th. I sense that this is an emerging opening to the future of leadership development in Australia.


For more about this event visit:

Note: Today is the last day to take advantage of a special offer for groups of 3 purchasing tickets in May. If you need assistance with ticket options or invoicing contact Maria at Talkpoint,

And please share this with your network – let’s gather men and women to experience Sacred Leadership together.

I hope you will join me.


Mark Spain | Facilitating change, leadership & innovation | 0404 411 353 | Bringing humanity & nature back into balance & harmony

Information from News / June 6, 2018

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