Our team...

Steve Colman

Steve has over 20 years' experience leading workshops and programs for organisations that rely on quality, leadership, teamwork and interpersonal effectiveness. His work has focused on organisational change and the skills and understanding needed to create high-performance workplaces. Steve has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and is a member of the Australian Institute for Training and Development and the American Society for Training and Development, and an accredited trainer for the Team Management Systems (TMI) and DiSC profile systems. He loves back-country skiing, mountain-climbing, whitewater kayaking and riding fast bicycles.

Michael Hollingworth

Michael designs and delivers programs aimed at organisational transformation, specialising in change management, leadership, team development and strategic planning. He has worked as a facilitator, coach and leader of experiential and action learning, in public and private sectors. He is passionate about communication, ranging from mass communication (as a journalist on national daily newspapers) through corporate communication (he was principal of a public relations consultancy) to one-on-one coaching. Michael is a member of the Australian Human Resources Institute. Obsessions include yoga, mystical poetry and the life of a long-distance kayaker.

Mark Spain

Mark is a leader and learner in developing systems, structures and processes that build innovation, curiosity and high-trust relationships with people and their organisations to produce sustainable business results. He enjoys working with energetic teams of people who are focused on creating extraordinary results. He is particularly passionate about implementing sustainable and ethical business management systems that build success for all players, and for the future. His family, climbing mountains and house-building rate highly, too.

Ivan Trundle

Ivan is a big-picture person, but with an inordinate and passionate eye for detail. Experienced in leadership training, he has worked with a number of organisations to improve communication, to seek efficiency and effectiveness, and to implement useful, yet outrageously simple, online systems. He's the iMEET! guru, and comes from a communications and publishing manager background. Ivan prefers living a life less complicated, yet rich and fulfilling. Whenever possible, he squeezes in whitewater kayaking, sailing, cross-country skiing, and other non-passive outdoors pursuits.