globalNEWS guidelines

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globalNEWS Keeping you in touch with current events and happenings


The globalNEWS broadcast e-list is a mechanism that we use to communicate short and succinct information and news about Global Learning and iMEET! activities.

Open to anyone interested in Global Learning, iMEET!, leadership development and change management, globalNEWS is distributed quarterly to subscribers of the globalNEWS e-list, and available as an RSS feed as and when articles are published. Archived copies of the e-list and RSS feed are available on this website as a record of our communications.

The e-list is a broadcast list, which means that responses to the list are not possible. Direct communication to the authors is possible through normal e-mail channels and telephone. Subscribers are able to manage their own subscription, and are free to subscribe and unsubscribe as they see fit. Subscriber addresses are kept private, and are not used for other purposes, or by other businesses.

Each e-list broadcast is composed of between six and twelve articles, with each article consisting of a short headline of less than 70 characters, and followed by a single paragraph of up to 100 words in length, which may contain a link to a relevant URL on either the Global Learning website, or an external related site. Each broadcast is delivered via e-mail, and is sent as a plain-text message only. Links to both the web version and the RSS version (as well as web links to how to provide feedback and how to unsubscribe) are automatically appended to the foot of each message. The header of each message includes an index to the articles published, to permit quick scanning of the message.

Individuals wishing to submit material for consideration should firstly consider the points above (and thus determine if the material is suitable for inclusion) and then contact the editor, at