Leadership and teams...

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Building leaders through related, experiential learning


Successful leadership relies on finely-honed skills of listening, questioning (including oneself) and asserting. Our innovative workshops and coaching sessions develop these skills through shared understanding and openness in groups.

Self-awareness is shaped via 360° surveys, direct feedback, questionnaires and reflective processes. Interactive strength comes from creative and problem-solving challenges, especially team challenges. Participants develop strategic thinking; business and organisational acumen; communication and relationship-building; personal drive and integrity; and the capacity to achieve results.

Our programs

Global Learning's flagship team leadership program, The Learning Edge, delivers a diversity of opportunities for participants to shape their strategic thinking, to achieve results, to cultivate productive working relationships, to develop and hone commercial business acumen, to exemplify and reinforce personal drive and integrity, and to communicate with influence. The program spans a period of between seven and twelve weeks and offers 360° feedback, management sponsorship, a residential workshop, team challenges, the construction and delivery of a leadership project, and online support.

Why us?

  • Firstly, we listen...
    We analyse and assess your requirements, explore the issues and inputs, and apply our expertise to tailor programs that yield focussed results.
  • Secondly, we seek to make behavioural changes that add value to your organisation...
    Leadership is not simply about building better leaders, but about ensuring that organisational values and behaviours are in alignment, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our philosophy — Work hard, think deep, love true, laugh loud, learn fast — is applied to training, to leadership, to teamwork, and to life. It's what we do, and how we do it.