Change and innovation...

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Generating human-focussed change

Change-ready and change-adept cultures are virtually mandatory in today's volatile workplace. Managing that change demands high resilience in leaders, a versatile team, and the ability to focus on the change drivers with an effective plan of action.

We draw upon best research, publications and processes from the best organisational thinkers on the planet. Our innovative, practical, and hands-on approach generates human-focussed change in your organisation, customised to support your underlying strategic goals.


Our process

Our strategic planning processes — combined with our collaborative meeting technology platform (iMEET!) — builds capability and strengthens communications in the organisation. With the direct involvement of key stakeholders, we ensure that goals, objectives, strategies, tasks and resources are specific, measurable, accountable, realistic, and achievable.

Global Learning integrates the change process with business and strategic goals by paving the way for the change process, managing the change process, and reinforcing the change itself.

Our strategic planning process seeks to understand the objectives (the scope of the process), make an environmental scan (with consultation and collaboration) and formulate an action plan (again, via consultation and collaboration). The plan is then implemented and evaluated to verify that the change process was successful.

Communication is a key component of all successful change and innovation processes, and we deploy a range of tools to ensure that communication is as effective as possible. Our unique collaborative technology (iMEET! is a powerful and versatile tool in this process — and by using a series of strategic templates, we stimulate compelling and useful dialogue amongst all players.

Why us?

  • Firstly, we listen...
    We analyse and assess your requirements, explore the issues and inputs, and apply our expertise to tailor programs that yield focussed results.
  • Secondly, we seek to make behavioural changes that add value to your organisation...
    Change management is not simply a set of procedures to follow, but is also about ensuring that organisational values and behaviours are in alignment, to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Our philosophy — Work hard, think deep, love true, laugh loud, learn fast — is applied to innovation, change management, and to life. It's what we do, and how we do it.