Growing Local Leaders

“A cutting edge leadership program that can draw out the leader within everyone. Developing leadership understanding and collaborative skills for tomorrow’s world.”
The NSW South East Local Leaders Program develops the leadership skills of people involved in natural resource management, Landcare, biosecurity and agricultural sectors in the South East of NSW. Participants embark on a four month journey which includes three residential workshops combined with action learning projects. The program works at many levels from personal through to team, community and organisational leadership. It provides participants with a deeply immersive experience that builds strong social and knowledge networks as well as a suite of practical leadership skills, tools and capabilities.

The program has graduated 80+ participants from a range of industry, small business, rural, government and community backgrounds.

“A really inspirational and challenging journey of personal growth and skills development in a safe, supportive environment. The program works because you have great facilitators, excellent structure and highly skilled participants wanting to learn. It’s a great recipe.”

“My concept of what I think a leader is has changed completely as a result of the course. My previous view was that leaders were out in front, making decisions and consulting along the way. My view after doing the course is that it is possible, and maybe even more effective, to lead from within a group. The tools and techniques we were exposed to and practiced have given me a greater ability to support my regional partnership as well as influencing my workplace to be more systemic, people led and consultative.”

“The vision of this program is amazing – find people who are interested in being leaders in their community, teach them skills to help them become effective leaders and then send them back to their communities to start leading change from the grassroots up. This is about creating community resilience and solving big problems using local solutions. If you want to be part of it sign up today!”

For further information about the program please contact Global Learning.

Information from News / August 12, 2016

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