enACT for the Future

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Do you have a passionate commitment to sustainability in Canberra?

Tomorrow's world is not only about finding solutions to today's problems, but about inventing strategies that are so inspiring, powerful and efficient that they bring us to new places: where yesterday's limitations are no longer relevant.

We invite you to join us in a series of networking events to regenerate the long-term health and sustainability of Canberra. Contact Mark Spain on 02 6249 1344 or

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Who are we?

We are a group of local volunteer Canberra citizens who plan and conduct engaging public events every three to four months. We are sponsored and supported by several local organisations and by Global Learning. Anyone who is passionate about co-creating the future with other Canberrans is welcome to participate.

What is our purpose?

Our aim is to facilitate networking and collaborating with other committed people to reduce Canberra's carbon footprint and to create a positive climate change future by hosting engaging public learning and sharing events.

What are our intentions?

We undertake to achieve our purpose by:

  • Hosting a space for people to build strong meaningful personal connections and relationships between people and local groups.
  • Increasing awareness of how complex systems can be reworked to provide us with sustainable water, food, energy, transport and materials.
  • Exploring how we can take meaningful simple actions at many levels — the individual, family, community group, work team, organisation, business, government, regional, national and international levels — to create the future that we all desire.

Further, we hope to strengthen both the reach and the capacity of existing local community groups and the activities of individuals, organisations, businesses and governments in their migration to a healthy and sustainable new green economy. To do this, we will facilitate processes which encourage creativity, possibility, connection and personal accountability.

And by staying open to change and to be able to discover tipping points in the system where we can make a big difference with a little action, we will build capability by helping people to connect with their true values and rediscover meaning.